Welcome to the exciting, dynamic SAH range of Sonic Soot Blowers. The SAH range is primarily aimed at preventing particulate build up particularly within the power generation industry and is fast proving to be a preferred alternative to the conventional steam soot blower and other de-slagging techniques.

There is a demand for volume units of this innovative Sonic Cleaning Technology – for Boilers, Super heaters, Economisers, SCR’s, ESPs and large Baghouse Filter plants, Fans etc. The SAH range was designed in order to fulfil this requirement, providing economically priced, prime performance sonic cleaning without compromising our valued reputation for innovative design and superior build and performance.

The SAH range is manufactured from 316-grade stainless steel as standard with ultra-high temperature steels available on request. As with each of our applications the required Sonic Soot Blower model and quantity is calculated custom on a case by case basis specific to the application itself. Please contact us with your preliminary application detail and we can then advise as to the further information required to assess and work on our custom proposal.