The Concept

Anyone new to the concept of cleaning by using sound waves to both prevent particulate build up and aid material flow will find the following brief introduction of interest. Used within a wide range of industries and process applications wherever ash, dust, powders or granules are processed, generated, stored or transported, a periodic “sounding” of typically 5 to 10 seconds every 2 – 30 minutes is all that is required.

The ancient Chinese, Hindus and Greeks began to study acoustics on mathematical lines; indeed the word itself is of Greek origin. After a period of intellectual dormancy that characterized the Middle Ages, the evaluation of acoustics as a science recommenced with major contributions by Golites, da Vinci, Newton and Laplace to name but a few. With the ever-increasing understanding and knowledge, acoustics began to be developed with studies in three major specific spheres:
Infrasonics – Audiosonic – Ultrasonic

The illustration (right) shows the general sound spectrum from Ultrasonics through Audiosonics down to Infrasonics.

Primasonics Acoustic Cleaners are within the safe Audiosonic range and we have an ongoing programme of research and development in collaboration with the University of Liverpool

20Hz audible range 20Khz
infra-sonic ultra-sonic
the human ear is most sensitive
500 Hz – 6,000Hz
Primasonics Acoustic Cleaner Range
11Hz Infrasonic 22Hz
30Hz Audiosonic 420Hz
25kHz Ultrasonic 80kHz