The Primasonics® Giro Whip offers a safe and fast solution to maintaining clean and continuous operating conditions in silos, bins and hoppers in the dry bulk manufacturing and storage industries.

With this system there is no need for operators to enter the potentially dangerous confines of bulk storage containers thus eliminating accidents.

The Giro Whip is designed to be used remotely through a manhole opening at the top. Powered by compressed air, the Giro Whip motor can be manoeuvred by one operator who manipulates the cleaning head by simple controls.

A variety of whips and cutting edges can be fitted to the revolving cleaning head to remove even the toughest materials without damage to the silo, bin or hopper walls. The equipment is mobile and can be easily positioned at a cleaning location.

The light alloy boom is available in a number of “reach” sizes ranging from 2.4 m up to 8.0 m with 360° rotation.

The motor drive is attached to a flexible hose that can extend down to 45 metres as standard, deeper on special request. This makes the Giro Whip system suitable for the majority of bulk storage and handling applications. Custom designed systems are also available.

A video or CD-ROM showing the Whip in use is available on request.