Taean Thermal Power Plant, South Korea

Project: Taean Thermal Power Plant Unit 9&10 SCR De Nox system(1050MW x 2 Units)
Date: Unit #9 31th August 2014(48 sets) / Unit #10 25th February 2015(48 sets) Future layer for Unit 9&10(24 sets)
Location: Taean, Chungcheongnam do
Owner: Korea Western Power Company De Nox System
Supplier: S&T Corporation Acoustic Cleaner
Product: Primasonics ® Acoustic Cleaning System
Principal (Provider): Artronix System Co., Ltd.(South Korea Distributor)
Problem: Ash accumulation on the top of the catalyst in SCR

Client Background

In order to prevent ash from accumulating in the catalyst of the SCR De Nox system while expanding units 9 & 10 of the Taean Thermal Power Plant, an efficient Acoustic Cleaner was selected rather than the Steam Soot Blower, which is difficult to operate and maintain. The installed quantity is Unit #9 48 sets (6ea per layer) / Unit #10 48 sets(6ea per Layer), and the total number of layers of Boiler 1 Unit is 8 layers with 4 layers per Reactor. The applied model is SAH 75C.

The Approach

S&T Corporation, which supplies the De Nox System, went through technical bid evaluation and bids were made only to companies that passed the technical review. Artronix passed the technical evaluation with the support of Primasonics and received this project through

The Result

Unit #9 & 10 boilers of Taean Thermal Power Plant are all in operation and are operating stably without any problems due to the loading of ash in the SCR. Artronix was able to calculate and apply sounding sequence & time according to the type of Catalyst and application conditions, etc. based on the SCR application experience and the technical support of Primasonics. Plate type catalyst is applied to the SCR of this power plant, but there are places where the Honeycomb type is used in power plants with a small capacity or an old construction. In the case of SCR using honeycomb type, it operates repeatedly at a cycle of about 5~6 minutes per cycle, and in case of SCR using plate type, it operates at a cycle of 8~10 minutes. The Acoustic Cleaner is operated at the same cycle and is operated stably for 2 to 3 years, or as long as 4 to 5 years, without any maintenance.

The Solution

In SCR of TaeanThermal Power Plant, 1 horn operates for 10 sec each, and after 5 sec, the next horn operates (ON time 10 sec / OFF time 5 sec). The period of 1 cycle is set to 8 minutes.

Technical Details

Material: Coal Ash Material Particle Size
Range: Powder form SCR
Construction: Steel
Structure Dimensions (Reactor 1 Unit): W17.5m x L12.6m (H3.9m per Layer)
Boiler Capacity: 1050MW x 2 Units