Kilang Minyak Sawit Tanjung Tualang

Date: Feb 2021
Location: Tanjung Tualang, Perak, Malaysia
Equipment: Biomass Boiler – 60 Tons Water Tube Type
Principal: Primasonics International Ltd (UK)
Distributor: Pelangi Dominan (M) Sdn Bhd.
Problem: Solution required for the cleaning of Boilermech 60 Tons Water Tube Boiler and Air-Preheater.

This biomass boiler and air preheater were experiencing very serious problems with the performance as listed below.

  1. Smoke density 30-40ppm
  2. Flue pass blockage
  3. Furnace back-fire
  4. Difficult to achieve steam pressure
  5. High fuel consumption

The Solution

Primasonics requested detailed information relating to the process and issues experienced along with dimensional drawings of the boiler and air preheater in question. This data confirmed that the main problem experienced was the blockage of the convection bank, ducting and air preheater where accumulated flying ash covered all the areas identified within the units thus increasing the differential pressure and leading to very unstable boiler performance. Primasonics utilized the information requested and specified that the SAH-Intermediate low-frequency Primasonics acoustic cleaners as the best solution to prevent the flying ash from accumulating on the tube surfaces and blocking the gas path.

The SAH-Intermediate low-frequency Acoustic Cleaners were installed as per Primasonics’ specific recommendations and set to sound periodically during normal Boiler operation. This frequent periodic sounding cycle continuously removes the material and prevents the blockage from forming eliminating the material build-up and associated issues as described previously this is all being achieved with the boiler in use. Photographs outlining the before and after installation are included below.

The Results

Boiler Before

Boiler After



  • Smoke Density 7-14ppm
  • Reduce Fuel Consumption Up To 15%
  • Stable Steam Pressure 33-35 Bar
  • Zero Flue Pass Blockage
  • Zero Air Preheater Blockage
  • Zero Back-Fire
  • Maximum Solvent and POME Recovery
  • Minimum Accumulated Ash Inside Convection Bank
  • Minimum Manual Tube Cleaning


Contact: Mr Nurus Sham Bin Jamal
Position: Mill Manager
Telephone Number: 016-4149549