JK Lakshmi Cement (Kalol Grinding Unit)

Application: Cement Silo
Installation: 2 nos of Acoustic Horns of Frequency 75 Hz

JK Lakshmi has 2 silos of 5000T each at their Kalol Grinding Unit. After 3 years of operation, JKL was facing dead stock formations in both these silos. The estimated dead stock in each silo was 1300T. After presentation of Primasonics’ acoustic cleaning technology & study of the silos, JK Laksmi decided to install 2 nos of PAS 75 recommended by Primasonics on each silo.

The Detail

The PAS 75s were commissioned in January 2012. Since the silos were already in operation for 3 years, it was decided to set the timing pattern as “12 seconds ON 6 minutes OFF”. The “low frequency high power” sound waves helped in steady removal of the existing depositions on the vertical walls of the silo in the form of small lumps which were extractable through the air slides.

The Results

In 6 months, the overall dead stock level was brought down from 1300T to 500T. The PAS 75 acoustic horns helped in removing the deposition on the vertical walls which were estimated to be 800T. Impressed with this performance, JK Lakshmi has implemented Primasonics’ acoustic horns on cement silos at their Jajjhar, Surat as well as Durg cement plants.