We have 5 off live boilers with six of Primasonic acoustic cleaners installed on each Boiler. We also have two similar mothballed Boilers currently not in service. The cleaners are used in conjunction with the Steam operated soot blowers to clear away any build of combustion deposits. These acoustic cleaners operate for 10 secs at a time on a two-minute continual cycle (over the six cleaners per boiler).

The Details

These Primasonic cleaners have been fitted for approx 15 years to the boilers and have lasted well. In 2004 we replaced some carbon steel ones, for a stainless version, that was more resistant to corrosion. The plant is located close to the coast and we have a wet mild climate. These acoustic cleaners seem to work well as we do not suffer from a build-up of combustion deposits inside our boilers. These have been continually in service for over 15 years. We burn about 95% gas with the remainder oil. We normally fire boiler oil and gas if burning oil and oil only during start-up. They seem to work well in our application with no issues.

Client Details

Peter Malone
Boiler TAR Manager
Infrastructure (Utilities)