Birla Carbon Korea

Contact Name: Sunho Baek
Acoustic Cleaner Model: 1 x PAS60-S

The Detail

What Raw Materials or Products were in your application and what were the main problems you were experiencing?

Problem – Employee should have to enter tank inside to remove Carbon Black on the bottom shell of the Silo.

How did you discover Primasonics Acoustic Cleaners?

Other Plant – Birla Carbon Hungary have used a number of Primasonics Acoustic Cleaners prior to our purchase.

What was your previous cleaning routine?

Outside hammering and also manual entry of the Silo and cleaning with a scraper.

Can you quantify the positive financial aspect obtained by installing Acoustic Cleaners?

We can save cleaning cost approximately $350.00 per time equating to a yearly saving of $45,000.00

How have the Acoustic Cleaning units improved on your previous cleaning regime?

After the installation of the Acoustic Cleaner the employee is no longer required to enter the Silo for manual cleaning.