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There are many benefits from Acoustic Cleaning including:-

  • Maximised Plant and Process Efficiency
  • Improved Material Flow
  • Prevents Cross Contamination
  • Elimination of Hazardous and Costly Manual Cleaning Regimes
  • Reduced Plant Shutdown due to Material Blockages
  • Increased Energy Efficiency
  • Increased Plant Life

A Periodic "sounding" is all that is required to achieve these goals! Reliable, automatic and cost effective technology.

For more information about the applications our acoustic cleaners work with click here. Alternatively you can find out about the industries we work with and the respective applications that have benefited from using acoustic technology by clicking here.

Acoustic Cleaners offer significant benefits over other systems used to combat material build-up such as steam soot blowers, air cannons, mechanical rapping systems and bin activators. Read more about Acoustic Cleaning Systems and the Alternatives by following the link.

All our PrimasonicsĀ® Acoustic Cleaners are designed, constructed, assembled and tested to exacting ISO9001.2000 Standards and Procedures before being despatched to our clients.