Rental Options

If acoustic cleaning technology is new to you or you do not wish to proceed by first applying for capital expenditure through your company, then the Primasonics Rental Option provides the ideal answer! It permits you to both experience at first hand the benefits of acoustic cleaning and to arrange for monthly rental payments out of your plant maintenance budget.

We offer to rent you the acoustic cleaner plus ancillary equipment on a monthly basis, payable in advance by means of either a standing order or bank transfer. The only other costs involved are for all packing and delivery costs plus the cost of any mounting tube or flange which may be required as obviously it would be welded in place and so cannot be returned intact.

In addition should you decide to purchase the equipment within the first 30 days after the start of the rental agreement, then this initial first month’s rental charge will be credited to you. Alternatively, should you decide to purchase the equipment within a 90 day period, then 50% of the rental charges will be credited. If the equipment is purchased after the initial 90 day period then the full rental charges will apply. If you prefer you can of course continue to rent the equipment on a monthly basis for a long as you choose without any commitment to purchase.

We will send you a clearly written rental agreement and rental acceptance form for you to sign. You will also receive our much praised pre and post installation technical back up.

The Primasonics Rental Option Benefits

  • No capital expenditure application required!
  • You can rent through your general maintenance budget!
  • You are only committed to a month to month rental agreement!
  • No other costs other than packing & delivery costs plus any mounting item!
  • You can proceed to purchase at any time suitable to you!
  • Discounts available on rental charges for early purchase!
  • No limit on the duration of the rental!