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The Quattro 60Hz model


The Q5 is acknowledged as The Colossus of Sonic Soot Blowers. It has awesome long range power and is available in a three section format either straight or curved.

This unique sonic horn not only develops its maximum power at the key 60 Hz frequency but also because of its unique design maintains that power level through a range of frequencies.

The Q5 provides not only deep penetrating acoustic cleaning power but also facilitates the same effective cleaning over shorter distances thus ensuring total vessel coverage

Ideally suited to applications in large:

The awesome de-bonding power and coverage of the Quattro Q5 Sonic Soot Blower means that even with limited access points, this superb sonic soot blower can prevent particulate build up within large power plant equipment such as Boilers, Superheaters, Economizers, SCRs, ESPs and Baghouse Filter plants.

The Quattro Q5 Sonic Soot Blower operates at 60 Hz and can also be installed on very large silos to prevent ratholing and side wall materials build up from occurring irrespective of the varying climatic conditions. Why is such a powerful 60 Hz model needed? Well it is all to do with the very long and powerful wavelength that it produces.

For example, when a car with its music centre playing loudly passes you in the street, the first sound you hear before it passes you is the deep base sound. Then as it approaches and passes you can also hear the higher sounds. This is to do with the wavelength of each particular sound. 

A high pitched sound like a flute has a short frequency, like the Q1 model sonic soot blower, whereas the base drum has a very long frequency, like the powerful 60Hz Q5 model. Each model of sonic soot blower has its own very important application within industry and the demand to provide long distance, low frequency material de-bonding is the reason for the design and introduction of our latest and all powerful Quattro Q5 model of Sonic Soot Blower.


  • Frequency: 60 Hz
  • Sound Pressure Level: 155 dB
  • Air Pressure Requirements: 5.2 - 6.2 bar 75 - 90 psi 515 - 620 kPa
  • Air Consumption: 21.25 l/s 45 SCFM @ 5.5bar/80PSI when sounding
  • Solid Piping: 25mm / 1 inch
  • Flexible Piping: 20mm / 0.75 inch
  • Overall Height: 1841mm (curved) 3123mm (straight)
Q5 Sonic Soot Blower

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