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The Quattro 75Hz model


Larger scale powerful Sonic Soot Blower with a fundamental frequency of 75Hz. This model also offers the elimination of particle build up in Electrostatic Precipitators, Filters, Boilers, Economiser, large Silos and Bins.

Its three part design is of value in applications where space and installation conditions such as penetration through bulkheads and cladding must be considered. Available in either straight or curved versions.

Ideally suited to applications in large:


  • Frequency: 75 Hz
  • Sound Pressure Level: 152 dB
  • Air Pressure Requirements: 4.8 - 62 bar 70 - 90 psi 480 - 620 kPa
  • Air Consumption: 21.25 l/s 45 SCFM @ 5.5bar/80PSI when sounding
  • Solid Piping: 25mm / 1 inch
  • Flexible Piping: 20mm / 0.75 inch
  • Overall Height: 2345mm
Q4 Sonic Soot Blower

Full Technical Specification

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