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What is the minimum rental period?

The minimum rental period is one month which is based from date of despatch from our premises until either date of return to our premises or date of your purchase order for the unit(s).

What about any ancillary equipment required?

Certain ancillary equipment such as mounting fittings, solenoid & timer, pressure gauge and flexible connection hose are required. These can either be provided by you, with our help, or we can supply these items as purchased (non rental) items. Such items are not supplied by us on a rental basis and must be paid for at time of initial rental.

How long does it take for delivery?

It is our normal practice to supply all items from stock to suit your installation and operational requirements.

How easy is it to install the Acoustic Cleaners?

Our Acoustic Cleaners are easily installed and we offer full technical support. There are usually different mounting alternatives available to suit your particular application.

What else must we provide on site?

A compressed air supply with the correct pressure and volume (we will supply requirements) is required plus an electrical control input to operate the solenoid, again various control voltages are accommodated.

What happens if the Acoustic Cleaner(s) fails to operate?

Firstly we will go through a 'step by step' fault finding procedure to check on such items as correct air pressure, air volume, solenoid operation etc. As part of our strict ISO practices, all our Acoustic Cleaners are tested prior to despatch, however if after going through all the standard checks, the unit is still not operating then we will either send our local engineer to investigate or despatch a replacement.

What happens if we wish to purchase the Acoustic Cleaner(s) at any time?

At any time after the initial month's rental period has elapsed, rather than continue to pay a monthly rental cost you can simply notify us that you wish to purchase the unit(s) and provide us with a purchase order. Once we have received payment for the purchase of the Acoustic Cleaners, the rental agreement is then cancelled.

Can we move the Acoustic Cleaner(s) from one application to another during the rental period?

You are not permitted to remove the units from one application and install on a different application unless PrimasonicsĀ® first of all approves of this new application in writing to you.