Discharge Cross Contamination

What is Discharge Cross Contamination?

Discharge Cross Contamination occurs in Silos and Hoppers when fresh material is mixed with older material. Even the smallest contamination can result in loss of product, which can be a great inconvenience for sites.Discharge Cross Contamination ultimately reduces the volume of fresh product that a silo can hold and may eventually make it unusable. Troublesome material such as polyester pellets can form soft clumps over a silo outlet and result in bridging or ratholing.

The issues can result in loss of product and downtime on site due to having to manually clean the silo and empty the content. Therefore, regular and professional silo cleaning is essential if the buildup of product residue on the internal vessel walls is to be prevented.

Installing a Primasonics Acoustic Cleaner just above the silo outlet is one solution to the issue. This would prevent any material from building up in the hopper area, thus preventing silo discharge cross contamination.

How can Acoustic Cleaner prevent Discharge Cross Contamination in silos & hoppers?

As with any structure, silos and hoppers must be properly maintained if they are to have long, productive lives. Acoustic Cleaners use the latest and safest technologies to reduce the likelihood of Discharge Cross Contamination.

When preventing a silo discharge contamination issue, an Acoustic Cleaner will transmit sound waves at periodic intervals during either filling or emptying the silo. An important benefit is that the service does not cause any structural damage to the silo wall, as can be the case with either vibrators or mechanical hammers.The positive effect of sounding the Acoustic Cleaner is usually immediate.