Sagamu Plant – Lafarge Cement WAPCO Nigeria Ltd

Location: Sagamu Plant, Lafarge Cement WAPCO Nigeria Ltd
Product: Primasonics Prima Whip
Principal: Primasonics® International Ltd (UK)

Client Profile

Peter J Robson – Maintenance Manager
Sagamu Plant
Lafarge Cement WAPCO Nigeria Ltd

The Testimonial

We have used the Primasonics Prima Whip for several months now on a cement silo cleaning program where we consider safety our first priority. We purchased the Primasonics Prima Whip system so we can remove the build -up in the silos from above in a safe and efficient manner, thus eliminating the danger of manually going inside to work.

We are now successfully completing Prima Whip cleaning of our second silo of the four we have in use and in total we have been able to remove approx 1,500 tonnes of caked up cement.

The process we use is to open up from the centre and work around to release the cement from the side walls and down to the outlet.  We then work on all the build-ups on the walls of the silo to make sure when we enter from the side hatches at the base of the silo so as to remove all the free cement lying in the bottom no material is left on the walls which could fall and engulf or injure our workers.  This can now be safely and quickly done without the risk of injury to our workers.  When this is complete we can then overhaul the extraction systems and air slides and put the silo back into full operation.

The Prima Whip system has worked very well and has been a big success for us in this project.  Thank you Primasonics for all your help and for supplying us with our Prima Whip.