Knauf Drywall

Date: April 3rd 2008
Location: Knauf Drywall, Immingham, England
Product: PAS 75 Audiosonic Acoustic Cleaner
Principle: Primasonics® International Limited (UK)
Problem: Material Build Up Within Emergency Dump Hopper

Client Background

Knauf Drywall is part of the international Knauf Group founded in 1932 by brothers Karl & Alfons Knauf. The Immingham plant was built in 1990, two years after their first UK plant was built at Sittingbourne. Due to increased demand for their products the Immingham plant was extended in 2006. The plant is a leading supplier of plaster, plasterboard and drywall systems. This site was one of Primasonics® first gypsum customers, when in May 1995, Primasonics® supplied them with two Acoustic Cleaners Model PAS-75 one for each of their twin DSG silos which measured 23m in height by 9m in diameter. They proved to be totally successful and eliminated all side wall build up therefore also eliminating the need for manual entry to clean.

Although the years passed and plant personnel changed, the problems of material hang up within silos and hoppers remained elsewhere within the plant. One such trouble spot was within a 6m long twin screw discharge ‘emergency’ hopper where warm gypsum was stored if there was any problem down stream, Knauf’s Andy Gilpin contacted Primasonics® in April 2008 seeking help and advice to cure the build up problem.

The Approach

Alex Bergus visited site to meet with Andy and look at the problem first hand. The gypsum was adhering to the sides of the 4m deep trough hopper also building up and bridging above the twin screw discharge area.

The Solution

PRIMASONICS® recommended the installation of an Acoustic Cleaner Model PAS-75 to be mounted on top of the hopper. As Andy Gilpin was having serious blockage problems within this hopper and personally was not acquainted with Primasonics® Acoustic Cleaners – he took advantage of the Primasonics® new Rental Plan whereby by a customer may rent the acoustic cleaner on a monthly basis until they are fully satisfied with its performance.

One month after installation Andy was fully satisfied that the Primasonics® Acoustic Cleaner had totally eliminated the gypsum build up problem within the hopper – and so proceeded to purchase the horn. Because Knauf purchased the acoustic cleaner within the first month’s rental period; as part of the unique Primasonics® Rental Plan, they were not charged for this one month rental.

So here we have a Knauf-Primasonics® ‘win-win’ deal!

An arial Photograph of the Knauf Drywall factory