Granja Pocha (Dairy Company)

Company Name: Granja Pocha
Agent: Outfeed Solutions
Date: May 2021
Country: Uruguay
Acoustic Cleaner Model – 2 x Q2
Application: Wood-Fired Boiler

Client Background

Granja Pocha had problems with ash accumulation in the tubes of a wood-fired boiler. Due to this, they had to stop the boiler for cleaning every 28 days since the ash deposit generated a high loss of efficiency, which was mainly reflected in the increase in firewood consumption.

The Approach

To solve this problem, Outfeed Solutions proposed the application of an acoustic cleaning system developed by Primasonics.


The Solution

With the boiler data, Primasonics technical staff recommended placing two model Q2 horns at the bottom of the boiler.

A photo of the Granja Pocha (Dairy Company) Boiler
Granja Pocha (Dairy Company) Boiler

The Result

With the application of this acoustic cleaning system, it was possible to greatly reduce ash deposits in the tubes and increase the days of services, obtaining the following advantages:
• Decrease in days of service downtime, which means an increase in productivity (It was possible to go from stopping every 28 days, to stopping after 90 days of operation without problems of decreased efficiency and accumulation of ashes).
• Decrease in firewood consumption due to maintaining a good transfer in the tubes, meaning a decrease in production costs.
• Decrease in the gas outlet temperature compared to the situation prior to the placement of the horns, which allows working in better conditions, less demanding for the boiler.
• Reduction in consumption of more than 50% of fuel oil due to the reduction in the requirement for an alternative boiler during main boiler maintenance stops.

A photo of the Granja Pocha (Dairy Company) Boiler
A photo of the Granja Pocha (Dairy Company) Boiler