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Written by Don on Friday, 09 January 2015. Posted in Primasonics Blog

It is sometimes hard to believe when you look at Ullswater Lake and Helvelyn that Cumbria, England does not just possess stunning natural beauty but also contains its fair share of innovators and entrepreneurs – and this has always been the case stretching back over generations.

Take for example John "Iron-Mad" Wilkinson (1728–1808), an English industrialist who pioneered the use and manufacture of cast iron and cast-iron goods in the Industrial Revolution. He was the inventor of a precision boring machine that could bore cast iron cylinders such as those used in steam engines, which bored for James Watt's engines. His boring machine has been called the first machine tool. He also developed a blowing device for blast furnaces that allowed higher furnace temperatures, increasing their capacity. John Wilkinson was born in Little Clifton, Cumbria, the eldest son of Isaac Wilkinson and Mary Johnson. Isaac was then the potfounder at the blast furnace there, one of the first to use coke instead of charcoal, which was pioneered by Abraham Darby.

 Lemuel Francis Abbott - Portrait of John Wilkinson The Ironmaster

 Just recently I came across another innovative Cumbrian company – The Lakes Distillery situated near Cockermouth. In addition to English whiskey they also produce a specialist gin and vodka – quite an innovative Cumbrian achievement.



Perhaps I should just mention another Cumbrian company who are celebrating 17 years of innovation and growth backed by a host of awards for both innovation and export growth – Primasonics International, my company, my pride and joy! We are world leaders in the design, manufacture and sales of our Acoustic Cleaners and Sonic Soot Blowers.

We have solved particulate build up and material flow problems in 60 countries worldwide in such diverse applications as ash build up in power plants to cement build up in large product silos. We continue to develop new exciting products in conjunction with the acoustic department of the University of Liverpool and have recently taken on an experienced graduate to head up our R&D department.

Exciting times for Primasonics International in Cumbria, England and for all our valued customers worldwide!






I am a truly innovative and affable Irishman who has over 35 years experience in a wide range of dry process and storage industries with particular disciplines in project engineering and consultancy.

Faced with a range of material flow and storage problems throughout my career my ambition was to find an affordable innovative and simple solution to prevent material blockages and build up and improve material flow within a wide range of dry process & storage industries.