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Written by Don on Tuesday, 07 February 2017. Posted in Primasonics Blog, Latest News

Following on from my September Blog ‘Safe Silo Cleaning Guaranteed’ we have received several enquiries as to whether we would rent out our fantastic safe, remote & effective silo cleaning system – the Prima Whip.

  • Well the good news is that, yes, we can now offer a Prima Whip on a monthly rental basis.

  • Not only that, if the customer then decides to then purchase the unit we also offer a good discount.

  • In addition we can also organise a lease purchase agreement if that proves to be an easier purchase option.

  • Finally we can also provide onsite training if required.

 Please contact us for details.



 PrimaWhip on White



I am a truly innovative and affable Irishman who has over 35 years experience in a wide range of dry process and storage industries with particular disciplines in project engineering and consultancy.

Faced with a range of material flow and storage problems throughout my career my ambition was to find an affordable innovative and simple solution to prevent material blockages and build up and improve material flow within a wide range of dry process & storage industries.