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Written by Don on Friday, 12 October 2018. Posted in Primasonics Blog

There has been lots of stormy weather about lately which caused a lot of ‘debonding’ to occur. In this case the debonded material was trees, house roofs etc. It was coincidental then that I was reading an interesting article on the NASSA web site concerning their Cassini spacecraft which has been studying Saturn’s moons especially Titan. They discovered that Titan was a very active moon and like Earth and Mars it has a very active dust cycle, i.e. dust storms.

 Artist's concept of a dust storm on Titan. Credit: IPGP/Labex UnivEarthS/University Paris Diderot - C. Epitalon & S. Rodriguez

There is one big difference from Earth as on Titan both lakes and dust clouds are primarily methane and ethane that both flows like rivers, evaporated to form clouds and the organic dust is formed when organic molecules, formed by the interaction of sunlight with methane, grow large enough to fall to the surface.

Take a look at the video clip below to see another dust storm occurring, however this time it is MDF dust within a bag filter plant at Ciner Holdings, Turkey. In this filter the typical bag cleaning is done by blasting jets of compressed air down the inside of each filter bag and this ‘reverse jet ‘cleaning continues for 15-20 minutes after the plant has been shut down to ‘ensure’ that total bag cleaning is achieved.

However, there is always a significant amount of particulate left on each bag, also on the internal walls and hopper section. To prove that particulate debonding was much more effective using our acoustic cleaner, we mounted one on the side wall and sounded it after the filter’s own cleaning system had ceased. You will note the large ‘dust storm’ which occurred as the acoustic cleaner not only cleaning each filter bag more efficiently (significantly increasing bag life), but also cleans all internal surfaces and hopper section.

Also take a look at the following web link for further information and case studies.



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