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on Thursday, 28 June 2018. Posted in Primasonics Blog

Primasonic’s Acoustic Cleaning Solutions

Acoustic cleaning solutions may be something that you have heard of but never really thought too much about, when in fact, they could be substantially benefiting your company by saving you money, reinforcing workplace safety and maximising production.

At Primasonics we are the only company that specialize in the design, manufacture and supply of Acoustic Cleaning Systems and from this.

What is ‘Acoustic Cleaning’?

Acoustic Cleaning encompasses the realm of sound transmission through solids. It is best described by the creation of rapid pressure fluctuations. These pressure fluctuations are transmitted into the particulate matter or "bonded" dry material causing the solid particles to resonate and dislodge from the surface they are deposited on or bonded to. Once dislodged, the materials fall, either due to gravity or are carried away by the gas or air stream within the process. 

We are the only company to specialize in the design, manufacture and supply of both audible and inaudible Acoustic Cleaning Systems and our non-destructive cleaning solutions are can be applied to a multitude of diverse industries including: animal feed, brewing & distilling, cement, gypsum, pharmaceutical and power generation to name a few.

Acoustic cleaning solutions are specially adapted to have a whole range of applications. They offer significant benefits over other systems to combat material build-up such as steam soot blowers, air cannons, mechanical rapping systems and bin activators. They can also be used to tackle build-up within boilers, cyclones, filters, mixers, ship cargo holds, silos plus many more.

How Acoustic Cleaning Solutions can help you:

Our acoustic cleaning solutions could help soften the blow of lost revenue resulting from prolonged plant shutdown times. By having a Prima sonic horn installed in your plant, you can perpetuate production for longer by encouraging material flow and avoiding material blockages, thus maximising production and therefore company profits.

Additionally, the installation of an acoustic cleaner can reduce unnecessary cleaning costs and prevent potential contaminants brought on through manual cleaning methods - all while promoting safety in the workplace. Through the installation of an acoustic cleaning horn, you not only reduce manual labour costs, but avoid potential hazards and dangers endured through manual cleaning - especially with our highly flexible Prima Whip™ range.

You can also eliminate risky and unsavoury manual cleaning regimes within the power generation industry with Sonic Soot Blowers. These help prevent ash and other harsh particulate build-up in a non-destructive manner, unlike traditional steam soot blowers. This relieves your site employees from messy and potentially hazardous maintenance, instead allowing their time to be used up on a more valuable and profitable task. This therefore enhances your plants overall productivity.

Test our Acoustic Cleaning Solutions today.

Unsure if acoustic cleaning is for you? Not a problem with our ‘try before you buy’ rental options! You can test our highly effective acoustic cleaning solutions before you commit long-term to see whether our range really does boost business productivity.

Acoustic cleaning solutions can be used as an alternative to manual cleaning regimes already in place, or in conjunction with them to work as a preventative particulate buildup measure. Offering longevity, efficiency and an eco-friendly solution for cleaning, acoustic cleaning solutions are the future of industrial cleaning.