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Written by Don on Thursday, 20 February 2014. Posted in Primasonics Blog

Onto a winner!

I must admit that I personally am not ‘big’ on the Winter Olympics, however I sat spellbound watching Lizzy Yarnold win the women’s skeleton event – a real British gold medal ‘slider’. She hurtled down the ice tunnel with its numerous banked curves, covering the 1,500 metre course in just over 58 seconds.

The sport evolved in the Swiss resort of St Moritz in the late 19th century when wealthy British tourists took to cavorting around town on sleds, looking apparently, like skeletons. The sport featured in the 1928 and 1948 Olympics, with Britain bagging bronze both times, before sitting out the next 54 years. It was reinstated for Salt Lake City in 2002.

It was the sheer speed and power produced by Lizzy in order to cover every inch of the ice track to quickly prove that she was a winner that made me think about the sonic cleaning power of Primasonics Acoustic Cleaners.

Within boiler plants for example, the powerful but totally safe sonic sound waves travel at 344 m per second an in a 360° radius to prevent ash from building on boiler tubes, economisers, air heaters, filters, ESPs and SCRs.

Just a few seconds 'sounding' at periodic intervals is all it takes to prove that acoustic cleaning is a real 'gold medal winner'.




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