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Written by Don on Tuesday, 30 September 2014. Posted in Primasonics Blog

I keep apologising for being a committed Big Band fan, I really don't know why, it is perfectly legal!

One of the most common tunes played by big bands worldwide is 'Sing, Sing, Sing' which may seem a strange name for this instrumental piece. It was composed in 1936 by Louis Prima (the founder of Primasonics? – no that's me) and did have lyrics but was quickly adopted by the big bands of the era as a pacy instrumental.

One of the best known recordings was made by the famous US band leader Benny Goodman and his orchestra which featured the talented drummer Gene Krupa. Indeed there is a fabulous YouTube video of the orchestra playing this piece in the 1937 film Hollywood Hotel. Sing, Sing, Sing basically features clarinet (Goodman) and drums (Krupa) and I highlight this piece of music for two reasons.




In many of my industrial conference seminars I use the clarinet to illustrate how we design our range of Primasonics Acoustic Cleaners.

The 'base' sound is created by blowing air through the clarinet's reed, which then osculates, just like the Wave Generator's titanium disc on our Acoustic Cleaners. If none of the holes in the clarinet's tube are covered by the fingers – the clarinet produces a high note or shorter sound wave. However if some or all the holes are covered by the fingers, then the clarinet produces a note of lower (longer) frequency. This is exactly what occurs within our range of acoustic cleaners. The shorter the bell section, the higher the sound frequency and these models are used for short distance material debonding such as Silo bridging and ID fans. The longer the bell section, the lower the sound frequency and these models are used for long distance cleaning such as silo side wall build-up and boiler deslagging.

This difference in sound frequencies and the differences covered are empathised by comparing the sound frequency produced by a clarinet compared to that of a drum. A drum produces a low-long distance sound wave which can be heard a long distance away whereas a clarinet produces a high-short distance sound wave which can only really be heard when close by.

PAS-350 High Frequency                                                                                         PAS-60 Low Frequency

            PAS-350 High Frequency                                                                                           PAS-60 Low Frequency



If you wish to hear a modern big band playing Sing, Sing, Sing have a listen to this

Keep swinging & singing and blowing that acoustic horn!





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