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Written by Don on Monday, 30 September 2013. Posted in Primasonics Blog

1 billion tonnes of cement – that's the estimated amount currently produced in the world per annum and with cement production involving the handling and processing of dry powder materials, it is not surprising that plant operatives are constantly on the lookout for solutions to their dry material build up problems.

We've talked before in our acoustic cleaning blog about silo and id fan cleaning in cement plants and today we tackle another issue they have to deal with .... blockages in dynamic cyclones.

Dynamic cyclones can be prone to impeller blockage and damage. This in turn can cause cyclone blockages and prevent efficient up-stream equipment operation. With the installation of acoustic cleaners the airflow can be maintained correctly and solids separated by eliminating particulate build up.

Installation of our acoustic cleaners into a cyclone can produce huge savings over time and we have a wealth of experience in this particular application.

To demonstrate this, here are some of the initial key pieces of information we require to allow us to quote for cyclone cleaning:

  • Nature of material being collected
  • Temperature inside the cyclone
  • Percentage moisture content of the material
  • Cyclone size and material it's constructed from
  • How fast the build-up occurs
  • Information about the inlet ductwork

You can also download our cyclone applications pdf where you will find a dimensional drawing to be completed. Once we receive the completed questionnaire, we can then assess the optimum type, size and number of acoustic cleaners likely to be required and offer our best quotation for their installation.

Our acoustic cleaners are also an effective material build-up solution for dynamic cyclones in carbon black plant operations where there is the added challenge of maintaining air flow and efficiency in static cyclones and their associated ductwork . 



I am a truly innovative and affable Irishman who has over 35 years experience in a wide range of dry process and storage industries with particular disciplines in project engineering and consultancy.

Faced with a range of material flow and storage problems throughout my career my ambition was to find an affordable innovative and simple solution to prevent material blockages and build up and improve material flow within a wide range of dry process & storage industries.