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Written by Don on Wednesday, 06 February 2019. Posted in Primasonics Blog

There is a saying that ‘bigger is better’ as they tend to stand out in a crowd. This can indeed be applied to many different aspects within our world today.

The largest shopping mall in the world is Dubai Mall as it’s about 13 million square feet (120,000 square meters) and has over 1,200 retail shops. It has an ice rink, an underwater zoo, a large waterfall, and an aquarium. On top of all of that, it’s also home to 22 cinemas, a luxury hotel, and over 100 restaurants and cafes.

Dubai Mall - By Shahroozporia - Own work, CC BY-SA 3.0,

The largest island in the world is Greenland, which is also the least densely populated country in the world. Most of the country is covered in ice, and it got its name from early Scandinavian settlers.

Greenland - Picture By Oliver Schauf - Own work, Public Domain,

The largest trees to grow on the earth are the Sequoias. Indeed, not only are Sequoias the largest trees, but they’re also the biggest things to live on this planet, by volume. On average, they grow to be anywhere from 160 to 275 feet (49 to 84 m) tall, and roughly 20 to 26 feet (6 to 8 m) in diameter. The oldest living Sequoia is estimated to be 3,500 years old; their ages are deciphered (like all trees) by the number of rings they have inside.

 Sequoia Tree - Picture By Mario D. Vaden - Self: Mario D. Vaden -, CC BY 3.0,

The largest fruit grown on earth is the Jackfruit. This enormous strange fruit, a relative of figs and breadfruit, can be found in parts of Southeast and Southern Asia, and it’s the largest tree-borne fruit that exists. It’s also the national fruit of Bangladesh and is an excellent source of fibre.

Jackfruit - Picture By Shahnoor Habib Munmun - Own work, CC BY 3.0,

Why them am I rattling on about the ‘biggest’ - well it is because we at Primasonics International have just received our largest single order for 98 of our 75 Hz Acoustic Cleaners from a far-east customer for a Power Plant application.

What a wonderful way to start 2019!

Prima in size order



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