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Written by Don on Monday, 29 January 2018. Posted in Primasonics Blog

 There is something beautiful and majestic about an iceberg floating in the sea, unless you happen to be the captain of the Titanic. What perhaps we do not appreciate is the tenth that is visible to all above the surface is supported by an invisible nine tenths below the surface.

I have a large framed picture of this iceberg and I find it quite inspirational. In a way it reminds me of Primasonics International and our range of Primasonics Acoustic Cleaners and Quattrosonics Sonic Soot Blowers.

What potential customers initially discover is the extensive range of equipment and it is not until they become our customers that they then discover how hard we have worked over the last 20 years to establish ourselves as the worldwide leaders in acoustic cleaning technologies.

Take a look below and see what backs up our unbeatable range of acoustic cleaners and sonic soot blowers.




I am a truly innovative and affable Irishman who has over 35 years experience in a wide range of dry process and storage industries with particular disciplines in project engineering and consultancy.

Faced with a range of material flow and storage problems throughout my career my ambition was to find an affordable innovative and simple solution to prevent material blockages and build up and improve material flow within a wide range of dry process & storage industries.