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Location: Seabank Power Limited, Bristol, UK
Product: Model PAS-60 (60 Hz) Acoustic Cleaner
Principle: Primasonics International Limited (UK)

Problem: SCR particulate build up, SCR cleaning

Seabank Power is a Combined Cycle Gas Turbine (CCGT) power plant running on natural gas and situated near the Severn estuary, Bristol. It was designed and built by Siemens Power Generation in 2000.

Even though natural gas is considered as a relatively clean fuel, nevertheless fine particulate was passing through into the SCR. The ensuing SCR particulate build up was then causing a reduction in its efficiency. The problem was that the internal mesh walls were very close together and so any type of conventional SCR cleaning was not effective.

Both Seabank and Siemens staff arranged for Primasonics engineer to visit the site. Though suitable access to the catalyst layers was limited, the engineer was able to study the problem at first hand in order to assess if they could offer a solution to their SCR cleaning problem through Acoustic Cleaners.

The Solution

To combat the SCR particulate build up, Primasonics recommended the installation of a single Acoustic Cleaner Model PAS-60, the most powerful audiosonic™ acoustic cleaner available.

The Result

The installation of the Acoustic Cleaner as an SCR cleaning solution at Seabank Power Station saw an immediate decrease of SCR particulate build-up on the catalytic banks and a return to maximum efficiency which has been maintained ever since the initial installation.