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Pre-Packing Hopper

"Our 20 tonne pre-packing hopper is prone to material build up where the vertical wall met the sloping hopper section which meant that we suffered from serious cross-contamination problems between brand changes. This has been totally eliminated since we began operating your Acoustic Cleaning System."

Waste to Energy Boiler

"We had accepted in the past that there was no alternative to the aggressive cleaning systems of steam soot blowing within our super heater section and tumbling shot within our economiser section of our boiler. How wrong we were - your Acoustic Cleaning System has provided a reliable, very effective and totally non-destructive means of preventing the ash build up. It not only has provided us with significant cost savings but has also resulted in improved performance in terms of heat transfer."

Spray Dryer

"Within our 6m tall twin spray dryers we had continual problems with the metal oxide slurry building up on the side walls, becoming very hard and eventually falling off to block the outlet. Our only previous solution was to suffer long periods of downtime so that the spray driers could be washed with lots of water. We are delighted with the performance of your Acoustic Cleaning System on one of our spray dryers, not only has it prevented the build up on the side walls but has also eliminated any blockage from occurring at the outlet. We are therefore pleased to place an order for the same system for our second spray dryer."

Fly Ash Silo Discharge

"As you saw for yourself during your visit to site last week your Acoustic Cleaning System has certainly made a big difference on the discharge of the fly ash from our silo. Following several months operation we have witnessed continual maximum discharge of the fly ash without any bridging occurring which plagued us previously."

Industrial Boiler – Superheater & Economiser

"We must admit that although we had heard good reports within our country of Primasonics Acoustic Cleaners proving to be a major success within cement industry, nevertheless we were initially sceptical that they would prove successful in curing our severe ash fouling problems within our petrochemical industry boilers. Certainly the willingness of Primasonics not only to offer us a suitable trial period but to actually visit site with their local representative persuaded us to proceed. We are certainly very glad that we did as our ash fouling problems have disappeared thus relieving us of the previous need of having unscheduled plant shut downs. The units have quickly paid for themselves and we have ordered further Acoustic Cleaners within our group."

Municipal Waste to Energy Power Plant

"The operation of our large recycling plant which incorporates a twin boiler waste to energy complex, was continually interrupted due to high build up of ash within various sections of the power generation plant, necessitating many unscheduled plant shut downs. We carefully considered all the various alternatives available to us such as steam soot blowers and Acoustic Cleaners/Sonic Horns. Although we had concerns about the former we had little knowledge concerning the effectiveness of Acoustic Cleaners. Within two days of contacting Primasonics they visited site and carried out a joint detailed inspection. This was followed by a second more technical visit when they outlined their proposals and costs. The Primasonics Acoustic Cleaners were quickly delivered and then installed by ourselves. The positive result was tremendous and we have continued to benefit from their employment ever since. I also liked the fact that Primasonics staff regularly contacts me to discuss any queries and to revisit site."

Specialist Hoppers

"We are a US specialty chemicals company producing a range of polymers and additives with many material flow problems and lacking any effective solution ideas. We knew little about Sonic Horns, however we felt that there was nothing to be lost in perhaps trying this type of 'debonding' technology. We searched on the Internet and Primasonics International came top of our search list. We took a good look at their web site and were impressed by both their range of models and applications successfully dealt with. We sent them details of one of our major problems - an acid powder build up inside a small hopper. Their response was immediate and positive and the rest is history. The appropriate model of Sonic Horn was delivered from stock and quickly installed by our engineers. The result was astounding and I reported back to Primasonics that I was very happy with the performance of their Sonic Horn in totally solving this particular problem. We will surely work with them again on the many other material flow problems which we experience not just at our production plant but globally."

Aiding the Industrial Grinding & Pulverizing Industry

"We are an international manufacturer of grinders and pulverisers serving the mineral industries. However our range of equipment is only as good as those ancillary items of equipment such as ID fans and ductwork which are incorporated into our overseas projects. We were having serious problems with fine material build up within fans and ductwork and so we sought an innovative solution to these problems, namely Primasonics Acoustic Cleaners. During the last three months Primasonics Acoustic Cleaners were installed on two ID fans and a bagging plant ducting. In all three applications, their Acoustic Cleaners proved to be most effective and we shall certainly look to this innovative company for our future requirements in any area where there is a materials build up or flow problem."

Ship's Boiler

"We embraced this new cleaning technology with a certain caution, however we had no need to be so. The twin PAS-350 horns were easily installed and have provided us with an effective and automatic means of preventing ash build up as well as save us significant down time and labour cost."

Cement Plant ID Fan

"Especially because of the great differences in climatic conditions we had continual material build up problems on the impeller blades of our ID Fan which services a 4000tpd FL Smidth Kiln. We would wish to inform all interested parties that both the kiln and its ID fan are now working very efficiently and we are now not facing any problem of coating build up on the impeller."

Biomass Boiler

"Our innovative range of biomass boilers require an equally innovative and effective means of preventing ash build up so as to maintain maximum thermal efficiency. Since we installed the two models of Primasonics Acoustic Cleaners our biomass boiler is achieving peak performance."

Solution for Chocking

"I am glad to certified that the acoustic horn purchased from Primasonic through their sole agent M/S Chemstar Corporation and installed on clay hopper to avoid chocking. We are using it from last four months. Before the installation of this horn we faced frequent chocking of clay hopper specially in rainy season. After the installation of this the downtime of the mill minimizes."

Senior production manager
Maple Leaf cement factory