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16000 tonne Bulk Cement Product Silos

Following an installation of your Acoustic Cleaners we can now enjoy the twin benefits of total utilisation of our silo capacity and continued mass flow with the elimination of material build up on the side walls. Also our dust extractors are more efficient due to the cleaning effect of the sound waves on the filter bags.

Cement Plant ID Fan

"It is wonderful to have eliminated unscheduled plant shutdowns caused by material build up within our fan. Since installing the Acoustic Cleaner we have not found it necessary to have any unscheduled plant stoppages and fan maintenance is only carried out during scheduled outage."

Finished Product Silo - Africa

"Due to the high humidity we have always had serious problems with poor material flow and material build up in our product silos. We are extremely pleased with the installation of your Acoustic Cleaning System. It really performs way beyond what we expected and we will be delighted to send you photographs of the installation."

Power Plant Economisers

"Our multi boiler Power Generation Plant is fuelled by heavy oil which has an ash content of around 1% with a vanadium content of 80 ppm and a sulphur content of 1%. The rotary steam soot blowers had provided an ineffective and costly method of trying to dislodge the ash build up on the water tubes. Since installing your Acoustic Cleaning System on our boilers we noticed an immediate drop in exit gas temperature which gives us a much higher improvement in thermal efficiency."

Electro Filter (ESP)

"For years we had accepted the increase in cost and loss of production time in maintaining our mechanical rapping system. Since installing your Audiosonic™ Acoustic Cleaning Systems throughout the ESP we have been able to shut down the mechanical rapping system completely and maintain continuous maximum throughput in this key area of plant. We have of course also benefited from the ongoing cost saving and thank your staff for their efficient commissioning."

Specialist Sugar Silo

"Until we fitted your Audiosonic Cleaning System the only effective way of cleaning our silo was with high pressure water hose which necessitated not only a major shutdown but created an effluent problem. We found that as soon as we installed your Acoustic Cleaning System existing long term, material build up on the side walls was quickly cleared and the need for the arduous water cleaning system has been eliminated."

Pigment Plant Filters

"Before we installed your Audiosonic™ Acoustic Cleaning Systems the only acceptable way of cleaning the filter walls and hopper sections was via slow water wash which in itself caused us problems in dealing with the wash material. Since installing your system we have experienced super cleaning of the filter structure and the elimination of the water wash."

Cereal Bi-Product Silo

"Within our rice husk silo we had tolerated poor flow and severe material build up on the side walls which necessitated arduous manual cleaning. We now find, after installing your Acoustic System that the build up on the side walls has disappeared and we enjoy continuous maximum discharge of this difficult to handle material - thank you!"


"It is hard to believe the downstream problems a blockage in a gravity ducting caused us. Since we installed your small Acoustic Cleaner on this ducting this blockage has not re-occurred and we are delighted with this effective acoustic solution."