Time After Time

One of my all-time favourites was Billy Eckstine with his rich, almost operatic bass-baritone voice. Eckstine was born in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania on July 18, 1914 and as well as his special voice he could also play the valve trombone, trumpet and guitar. He had many record hits over the years, one of his best was a revival of the 1931 Bing Crosby hit ‘I Apologize’ which he released in 1951. Perhaps he is best known for his 1957 duet with Sarah Vaughan, “Passing Strangers”, a minor hit in the US but a major hit in the UK.

So why am I writing about Billy Clarence Eckstine, well because a lot of his publicity photographs at that time showed him standing behind a rather large microphone (by modern standards), this one taken in 1946.

When you compare this type of microphone with modern slimline versions you can modern innovative sound technology has evolved. So, let’s define what a microphone is –

‘A microphone is a device for converting acoustic power into electric power with essentially similar wave characteristics. These devices convert sound waves into electrical voltages that are subsequently converted back into sound waves and amplified through speakers.’  A popular type at the time was the condenser microphone, often referred to as a capacitor or an electrostatic microphone and was patented by inventor E.C. Wente in 1916 while working at Bell Laboratories in the US.

Compare this type of microphone with say today’s fibre optic microphone shown below and you can appreciate the important, innovative advancement made in sound technology.


We at Primasonics International have adopted a different approach by converting acoustic power into a dynamic, powerful yet safe means of eliminating particulate build-up and aiding dry material flow in our extensive range of Acoustic Cleaners. Our acoustic cleaning technologies are now at work in a wide range of power generation and dry material processing and storage applications in over 80 countries worldwide.

As Billy himself sang ‘Time After Time’ our acoustic cleaners provide the ideal and cost-effective solution!

Have a listen to Billy singing ‘I Apologize’ –