So, what does it mean, well simply that you can not tell if a pudding is any good by just by looking at it, you have to test it as it is results that count not just appearances, promises of theory!

Most UK puddings are sweet in nature therefore they contain sugar and this is the link word to our range of Acoustic Cleaners.

A UK sugar company was experiencing fine dust build up on their cyclone classifier vanes. The particulate, which built up quickly over several weeks, then fell off into the dryer thus requiring it to be taken off line for manual cleaning. So, the company began an investigation into online cleaning systems. As steam could not be introduced into the system this ruled out older cleaning methods and so they chose our Acoustic Cleaners which also had the added advantage of not causing any mechanical damage.

The Acoustic Cleaner Model PAS-350 was installed and ‘sounded’ for a few seconds at periodical intervals. The results were excellent as shown below, enabling the feed dryer to operate continuously without any need to come off line for cleaning.

The ‘Proof of the Pudding’ is indeed sweet success!

…and here is the actual ‘proof’!