However taking this term of ‘self isolation’ I will totally move away from writing about the pandemic and transport you to on board your beautiful yacht sailing somewhere say either in the English Channel or of the coast of Oxford, Maryland. Sounds great! Well it isn’t because you are in the middle of thick fog with low wind speed and it is sometime in the 1920’s.

Not as ideal as you originally thought it would be, in fact it is quite dangerous as your lovely but small yacht is plum in the middle of a busy shipping lane. So what are you going to do to stay safe and get out of this predicament!

The answer is ‘acoustic energy’, or in this case the Norwegian Pattern Fog Horn cira 1900 with rotary handle driving bellows and with an effective range of up to half a nautical mile. The rotary movement of the external handle pumps bellows inside the box, forcing air across a fine reed, similar to a clarinet reed, which makes the base tone. This sound is amplified by the round horn inserted

into the end of the box. Different warning signals are made by turning the handle at various speeds and by starting and stopping the handle. For example – the basic rule is one blast when on the starboard tack, two blasts when on the port tack and three blasts when with wind abast (behind) the beam.

I bet you guessed that ‘acoustic energy’ would somehow end up being the solution to this problem!

We have many customers worldwide who tell us of the severe problems they are having with cement powder ‘self isolating’ within their silos. Here is just one example.

Ricardo Corrales, Maintenance Manager at the Cimenterie Nationale Cement Plant in Haiti had contacted us with such a problem within his concrete cement silos. These silos were 25 metres in height and 15 metres in diameter fitted with flat bottom air slides. Side wall build up was the problem and on Primasonics recommendation, he installed our 75 Hz model acoustic cleaner on each silo top.

After a few weeks we received the following message from Ricardo – ‘Greetings from Haiti – for me it is a pleasure to communicate with you to inform you that because of the Primasonics Cleaners we have been able to withdraw an additional 1000 tonnes of cement which we could not do before we installed your cleaners’.



So cheer up knowing that Primasonics can cure your ‘self isolation’ blues!, whether it occurs in silos, fans, cyclones, filters, ESPs or boilers.